Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dispatch Woes

I HATEEEEE 'em dispatches. They are suppose to be there to deliver/collect things to and from your clients so you can divert your time to attend to more pressing issues but everytime you need them, they will not be available lah... balik kampung lah... today holiday lah... and in the end who has to do the dirty work of delivering the items to the client, myself. Go all the way to the client's office, park the car, collect the stuff, get down and take the lift to the client's office, they check and sign off and I'm off again. The whole process exclusive of the traffic jams will take approximately 30 minutes - 45 minutes, but the dreaded part is having to jam your way back to the office! THERE, more than 2 hours wasted doing nothing productive when the dispatch could have done to and fro in 30 with their ultra sleek motorbikes.

Bah humbug, and they can't even tell me yet where to deliver it to... so I'm like on a freaking delivery boy on standby. I HATE IT!

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