Thursday, November 11, 2004

Flower of the Night

I wanted to bring Agnes out yesterday after work, so i booked the tickets for the movie. It seems the complaint email I wrote sometime ago took effect, as they finally did a total revamp of their whole site (bet lots of others wrote in as well). I booked a Thai film by director Yuthlert Sippapak, of Killer Tatoo fame by the name of 'Rahtree - Flower of the Night', can't say I am familiar with the director and everything but I am a big fan of horror flicks so I was thinking this will be good to keep me from winking off.

Now the suprise is this film is more than I bargained for. Although it has got a very slooooow start that plays a lot of emphasis on the development of the 2 main characters, Boopah and her rich boyfriend Ake, the screams start as soon as Boopah dies (why did she do it?!). A lot of emphasis is placed on scaring the audience and the occasional jokes cracked by the other characters add some relief to an otherwise fast paced horror story that will have your hair standing at tail's end. Although the make-up wasn't fantastic, 'Rahtree' did well to incorporate the trademark HK sound effects as well as maximize the frequency of scares and appearances as opposed to Korean and Jap horror movies. Would recommend this movie to guys who wanna cop a good feel *wink wink* and ladies who have a strong stomach. Cheers!

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