Friday, December 03, 2004

The Night and The After

I woke up this morning feeling lethargic again. It's amazing how my brain functioned so well racking up excuses for not going to work so early in the morning. By the time I dragged my fat off the bed, I was already officially late for work. As I was getting dressed, I was comforting myself with the thought that I could get a good sleep tomorrow as its Saturday, but then I realized that I have set appointments as early as 10 to meet the contractor for a tour of the house. After that will be a meeting with the air conditioning guy for a quote. So there goes my sleeping session for tomorrow.

I can't believe I fell asleep while playing ROTKX last night. The graphics were definitely better that its predecessors but the gameplay is definitely nothing to shout about compared to Taikou Risshiden V. However I might be a little to early to judge as I am barely 1 hour into the game, early critics however prove unfavorable.