Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nightmare before, during and after CNY

This has got to be the worst of my CNYs. Everything started with KC leaving for his studies in Australia. Don't get me wrong,
I am happy for him as I have told him to further his studies a long time ago... I was however expecting Singapore or even KL but not Melbourne. So I came back on the Sunday before CNY to meet up with him 1 last time before he departs to the Land Down Under. Alex came down with me to celebrate CNY and of course inevitably to see his darling Serene. We spent the night CS-ing and Warcrafting and it was very much like the old days. We spent a longer time at the mamak however and proceeded later back to KC's house to get a preview of WoW. KC and Tuck also showed me how it feels to be a noob and ambushed by high level bastards like themselves.

The rest of the pre-CNY days were spent cleaning and sleeping and watching movies. The weather was phenomenally hot this year and we were sweating just 10 minutes after hitting the showers. After the reunion dinner, I called a few friends and were suppose to visit this MHS chick for a gambling session. I told the guys to start without me first as I was layaning some fireworks with my cousins. When we did leave house it was around midnight and I called Ow Lek when I was almost that. He told me that he was with the Form 6 gang and they were still funnin' in Jonker Street. Being CNY and all, I kept my cool and told them I will wait at the mamak stall in Ujong Pasir for them.

We spent the next hour sipping tehs (although we were so stuffed with beers and shandys) while watching fireworks pop in the sky. Alex got bored and started calling Serene and they got into a minor squaffle about late calls or something like that. Influenced by Alex, I started calling friends myself but did not have much luck as the network was busy. F*ck Maxis!
I called Ow Lek again after an hour and Min Seng answered the phone instead, he told me that they are having tea now in Jonker Street and will probably not gamble tonight... SO I waited in vain for 1 frigging hour, jolly good.

1st day of CNY came along and it was the usual routine, going to my grandparents' place and going to my godmum's house after that. I called Becky and picked Agnes up after the visits and we came back to my place for a rest before going for dinner. After dinner, i fetched Agnes back to her place while Becky and Alex played fireworks with my cousins. I called Ow Lek again, and this time he said that he will be coming to my place with Yee Chet for a session. When the time came, I went back to the house with Alex only to realize that the guys are changing location to the girl's place again. They expected me to go with them although I have planned everything ahead. It was then I was officially pissed and refused to go. Ow lek who was already at my place went pale when he saw me angry, the poor sod was in a quandary and called the guys to figure out the next step of action. They talked to me again after that, but I refused to budge. Ow lek left and that will be the last I will hear
of my Franciscan 97 classmates (except good 'ol Tuck) this CNY.

3rd day was suppose to be a fun day. We drove to Muar to meet Serene and paid a visit to Hui Ching on the way. To be honest, I totally forgot about telling her about our journey and would not have met up with her has she not called me the day before. We went to Kat's house first and to her place after that, Hui Ching's mum spent the half hour we are there commenting on Alex's Chinese capabilities and the next half acquiring my opinion of LICT (or LUCT) as an education center. Obviously me being me, I kutuked Lim Cock Wing sekuat-kuatnya and Alex remained silent all the way. I made the mistake of asking if he was alright back in the car as he broke out in a torrent of anger. We argued in the car about me being more considerate and not throw his efforts to con Muar folks into the college and I defended myself by stating that my opinion was requested for. It was a heaty one and it got SOOO bad that at one juncture, he opened the car door as I was driving and demanded for me to stop the car. Luckily, Agnes stepped in and reprimanded the both of us. We kept our mouths shut and didn't really talk much until dinner time.

Serene's house was like a collector's house of sorts. His dad has got this affinity for Parrot fishes, pots, sculptures and antiques. This should not be suprising as his dad is working as a traditional Chinese gynae and he takes great pride in being able to judge our origin and health conditions merely by looking at us. Serenes' brothers and sisters were gambling at the back and her nieces were the ones making us feel welcomed. They were a mischievous lot but nonetheless provided a lot of entertainment with their whims. We had dinner in town and tasted the famous otak otak and fried oyster. We proceeded to the banks of Muar River after that and Alex got into a serious discussion with Serene upon discovering that Serene was still in contact with her ex. It was ice kacang after that to cool ourselves down before going back to Serene's place for fireworks. Serene was cute and naive, we took all her parents' pots and sand and started blasting them apart... all this to her giggles of approval. We left her place at around 11 and I regretted not taking the highway back to Malacca as the trunk roads are 1 lane and bumpy. We went for satay celup when we got back although I was very full as Alex was leaving back for work the next day.

The rest of my week in Malacca was relatively plain and boring, Agnes threw tantrums once every few hours and Jason, Ah Leong came to visit. Ninja called me up and all of us met up for Chicken Rice Ball in Jonker Street. Playing host, I paid for the food although I just lost around RM 30-40 to Ah Leong. After dinner, I paid a visit to Tuck's place and he demonstrated a few games that he found interesting, like Berserk and that Sakura game. He also served us cakes and drinks being the good gracious host that he is. I am worried for him, KC was his only true physical friend and now that he's away...poor Tuck will be all alone with WoW. I came back to KL on Sunday and it was truly a relief, life in Malacca was really getting monotonous without KC.