Monday, May 08, 2006

Oops I Kena Again!

Az and Ev came over on Saturday night for a get-together. Bought a few beers from Tesco and sat down to play a few games of Risk! over PS2. After they left at around 3.45, I adjourned to my room to browse through the manga on my mobile HDD (Thanks to Arion) and only turned in at around 5.30am in the morning.

So I was VERY suprised when I was rudely awakened at 10am in the morning to the flustered looks of my housemate, KF hovering over my door. There has been another break in, OMFG! There has been 2 break-ins before this, but none while there was someone in the house. It seems the muthafuckas have gotten even bolder and have slipped in through the open window while KF was sound asleep. They lanyak-ed his handphone (pulled it off the charger they did) as well as his wallet, guess they were too much in a rush to notice that his watch was right beside the HP. KF's got a few hundred and 3-4 credit cards in his wallet, so he had to go to the police station to get a report, ATM cards, credit cards, I/C...all the fucking hassle.

What really gave me the shivers was what would've happened if KF had woken while he was still nicking the stuff, he might have panicked and flashed his knife and slit his throat or some shit. This is bad... very bad, in case anyone is curious to know, I stay in PALM SPRING DAMANSARA...yeah that's right. The place comes equipped with CCTVs and security at both main as well as block entrances. So you might be wondering, if the security is so tight, how the hell could this have happened? Yeah, beats the living daylight out of me as well.

Instead of calling Sam Goh,the 'efficient' management rep and getting a few non-committal consolation, I rung Sze Hoong and arranged for a contractor to come in and fix window grilles for KF's room. Enough is enough, people say once bitten, twice shy. Guess I didn't learn my lesson well ee nuff.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Story of a Little Monkey Pt 1

A long long time ago there was a monkey living in the Land of Eight-Points. He was a very happy monkey, for everyday he will join other animals in their hunt for food or frolick near a pool when the sun sets. Yes, it was indeed a peaceful and happy life.

But the little monkey was not one who remains contented with what he already has. As happy as he was with his current situation, the monkey constantly wonders how the outside world looks like. He dreams of high green plateaus, of even more glorious parties and most importantly branded bananas. He believes that he has what it takes to make it out there and decided one fine day that he will take his luck and venture away from the Land of Eight-Points.

He bid farewell to all the other animals and as much as he loves and misses them, he kept telling himself that he is doing the right thing, one needs to move on in order to grow. So away he ventured, with a heavy yet anticipating heart.

His quest brought him to the Land of Bats. Land of Bats is a very big province in the kingdom and is well-known to produce the finest breed of animals and bananas. After talking to the king, he consented to let the little monkey stay! How happy the monkey was, to think that he is one step closer to realizing his dreams. But he was wrong...

On his first day in the Land of Bats, he met a lot of other animals. There were peacocks busy spreading their feathers, beavers occupied with buiding their homes and foxes feeding off the lion's pride. Happy as the little monkey was to meet so many new friends, he did not expect everyone to ignore his existence. All the other animals were too busy with their own chores to actually pay him any attention.

Come lunch time, the poor little monkey could not find anyone to share his bananas and he was really sad. He started to think of the times when his friends back in Eight-Points would have lunch together over jokes and much jest. Already, he was questioning himself if he had made the right decision by leaving the place he called home for 4 years. The monkey sat in silence and pondered about the future, it looks bleak and it saddens him. His head hurts and he tells himself, let tomorrow worry about itself, carpe diem for now...

To be continued...