Thursday, November 11, 2004


Decided to go back to Malacca after the posting of Rahtree, so I took Agnes out for lunch before sending her back to her house. She insisted on dimsum so I brought her to our usual dimsum spot at Jalan Ipoh, kinda love the traffic today as the roads are clearer than I expected. As soon as we reached her place, I helped her with the hamster cages AND luggage AND books AND the laptop and was about to take off when she told me she wanted to go down to Malacca too. So I had to move back her bag into the car again while she ponders over whether to bring the hamsters back or not.

It was a sunny afternoon drive back to Malacca and the siew mais and har kors started to take effect. My eyelids grew heavy and I told Agnes to give me a hard pinch should I ever doze off... this she gladly oblige with a big grin (freaking sadist). There was this dumb green Honda Civic with KL number that was blocking everybody's road, and when I overtook the bastard he even had the nerves to honk at me! Drivers like these never fail to piss me off.

Went to Kin Chee's house after sending my girlfriend back and fondled with his computer while he did some upkeep to mine. Was trying out Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War till I got damn sleepy yet again. After he was done, we went for our routine gaming session in Gula Melaka and dinner after that since my mum was not cooking. It was this new place in Melaka Raya and they named it after that cult martial film, Dragon Inn. Guess the area emulates a lot of the modern food courts like Ming Tien; nice booths, staffs with uniform and big projector screens. All the kids were happily pulling chairs to sit underneath the screen watching the Leon Lai version of Jingyong's Flying Snow Fox.

Argh... I wanna quit bloggin' and get back to my taisen risshiden V. Laterz!

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At 10:26 AM, Blogger Vernon said...

I miss Malacca godammit!


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