Thursday, March 31, 2005

Shake Baby Shake!

10 out of 10 people who felt the tremors on Tuesday midnight had the initial misperception of either suffering from lack of sleep or stress. None of them had the faintest idea that it was tremors from the earthquake in shallow Sumatran waters at 12.07am. This is the sort of mental awareness that Malaysians have towards natural disasters.

I was in my bedroom, gaming away when I felt my body turning around in circles... I too like the rest suspected exhaustion and lack of sleep but when the circles prove to be too consistent, I suspected something amiss. I stood up and it was then I felt the whole ground shaking and the ceiling fans rattling. My initial fear however was not of an earthquake, but the structure of the building itself. (It must be said I never had faith in my developers.) I immediately woke Agnes and Li-Ann up and got the more fundamental stuff (wallets and cigs) and rushed down in a flurry.

The biggest mistake that I made was to take the lift, but it's 19 floors to the bottom and one can't help but consider it as the sole salvation out of the building in a state of panic. We got down from the condo and by then, a crowd of 10-15 people have gathered outside. They too like myself questioned the reason of the tremors and finally when a lady from Block E walked towards us with news of tremors as well... we confirmed the reason to be an earthquake.

It was sorta ironic because it was also this instance that I met up with my neighbours for the first time, in addition to a lot of others that lived in the same block. Some people are already deep in slumberland and must not have realized the danger they were in. An unique and truly interesting experience yes... it also proves that Malaysia is NOT totally fool-proof to natural disasters and laymen like us should make an effort to equip ourselves with fundamental emergency knowledge in case of disasters such as this.

P.S: An estimated 2000 people died in Nias Island due to the earthquake with the current confirmed toll standing at 500, let us observe 1 minute of silence and pay our respects to the dead. May they find peace and happiness with God.

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At 10:35 PM, Blogger Lancelot95 said...

you ,, gaming ? haha .. laughable terms...

watching porno sounds more like you ok haha

anyways, i knew it by reading it at The Star Online or Yahoo. Something is fishy underneath the waters of Sumatra.


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