Thursday, March 17, 2005

Malaysia... my home my paradise

Here I am sitting in front of my computer in the office, the time now is 9.02 pm and I will be stuck here for at least the next hour or 2 checking the QSR annual report. So I thought I might as well make good use of the time and blog. I've been wanting to express these views for quite some time anyway.

1 - PAS (Passe And Senile)
I have this weird habit of flipping the papers while I am on my way to the loo. As I was browsing through for interesting articles last Friday, I came across this tiny article talking about a new law in the making in Terrengganu. Not content with ensuring men and women having separate cash counters, separate sections in cinemas and pools... They came up with the latest craze of trying to implement a dress code of women in public, citing the reason to be the increasing rape and molest cases happening in the state! It is amazing how the mindframe of these people work, instead of trying to focus on developing better infrastructure and a better life for the people, they came up with incredulous laws like this one, among many others.

Look at KL, we have women walking around the streets braless with tube and short skirt. Does it make the male hormone rage, of course yes. But to the extent of rape, NO for goodness sake. Everyone is born with a brain, a brain to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad and I think most people do make good use of it. What the girls wear are their personal freedom and we should not be the ones to tell what to wear and not.

I have a theory, sometimes when you bar someone from something or prevent them access to a certain information, it just acts to fuel the curiosity further and invokes these people to go all out with all means possible to try it. They are like cooped up popcorns under heat, ready to pop when the hatch is released... *sigh* . Sometimes other than being just amazed, I also feel a sense of pity for these people. When will they realize that they are just adding on to the victims' toll and shifting 'gostan' instead of forward? Hopefully time will tell!

2 - Malaysianssss, UNITE
I was very pleased the other day when I heard from the radio that YB Dr. Ong Ka Ting submitted a memorandum to the Government under MCA to increase the number of Chinese schools in the country due to the high demand especially in urban areas. Imagine to my utter despair and dissapointment when I hear from the radio a few days later that a certain He-who-shall-not-be-named shot it down. The reason? 'Building Chinese schools would serve as a distraction and segregate Malaysians, it is not condusive to the unity of the country and could act otherwise.'

Around the world, in developed countries like Singapore and Japan... people are starting to realize the importance of the Chinese language and are rigorously picking it up as a 3rd language to English and the native language and here in Malaysia we are discouraging it. Why? Some people speculated it was due to the fact that the Chinese schools do better then the national ones and this could make the main race inferior while others provided loads of other views that I will not share here. I even have friends of other races that are well aware of the advantage of learning Chinese and has enrolled in Chinese schools to learn the language, they are doing just fine and are excelling in their studies.

The government should realize that Chinese schools or not, all education centres share the same goal of educating the young. To teach them to love their country and roots... they should also learn to respect the cultures and traditons of the various races and allow them the freedom to pursue the medium that they fancy. Besides, the Chinese schools have also included Malay and English in the syllabus, there should not be any worries of educating a bunch that is totally off-track to the society. I sincerely hope the government can review this decision and allow the construction of more Chinese schools in the country, make Malaysians not only a multi racial but multi lingual and multi talented nation envied by the world.

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