Monday, November 29, 2004

Monday Blues

My first day in the office after 2 weeks of photography, relatively free in comparison to the amount of work I had during the shoot. I have not been doing much since morning except preparing a few DOs, following up with some jobs and preparing a schedule.

I think my office email account is f*cked up because I can't seem to receive any mails from either the client or my boss. My Friendster does not alert me of any additions or messages and the pig of the developer is taking forever to respond to my appeal for the interest waiver. Well I guess you just kinda cling on... hoping, no respond for now is better than a big resounding no yah.

Am suppose to meet up with one of the contractors to check out the house. Received a call from him yesterday and he mentioned he could help with the minor defects if he gets the job. Well, I guess no harm could come to showing him the house... imagine waiting 30 days for the indons to fix the defects. I have promised Li-Ann that she could move in by beginning of Jan.

That brings me to the most important thing I gotta do today, my gf's bday gift. I know I have been mean, but I have not stepped out of the hotel at all for the week that I am there. I will hafta make good the gift although I can only spare RM 80 now. Thanks to the freaking cheque that I thought I could cash. I seriously think hell will break loose if I fail to turn up with a gift by today.

Yeah, monday blues... tell me 'bout it.

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