Monday, November 29, 2004

Midnight Canter

Most of the interior shots done with Peter last week were scheduled from midnight till 7 in the morning to avoid crowds and fussy customers, so you get to see a lot of interesting things and some perks during the wee hours in the morning. We were shooting the Lobby Lounge on Thursday and there was this chick that came with this ugly looking guy. We were setting up for the shot and the cleaners were busy cleaning away nearby, these 2 however totally ignored our presence and settled comfortably in one of the sofas. It was ok at first, intimate caresses and close contact of the skin but it soon heightened to pecks and later on french kisses. OMG, me and hon were treated to a free show and it was like those freaking drama you watch in serials, kissing then crying then kiss again and the cycle repeats itself.

Then on Friday night, we managed to catch braless chicks from Zeta shuffling out in style to board their MPVs to million dollar racers back home. I had a chat with the security supervisor there and realized you can even call on pros* should the need arises, Indon, Chinese, Russian etc. just tell him what you need and he can get it for you for just RM 200 per session. Guess this is an inevitable culture in hotels. huh?

Due to strict hotel policy on F&B, they replace food above 12 hours with fresh ones. So we were offered cakes, muffins and pastries from Caffe Cino when we were doing the place. It was no joke, there were lots of leftovers but me and Hon were just too stuffed from a heavy dinner to take them in, a real crying shame. BOO HOO

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