Monday, November 29, 2004


Yeah yeah... so I know I've been out of comission for the pass 2 weeks or so. I kept telling myself I can't help it, but deep down inside I know I coulda done it somehow or rather if I wanted. Been working on shoots first for the Hilton Wedding Brochure followed by interior shots for the hotel. Wasn't suppose to work for the latter, but Silvio has not been in the office for 3 weeks and its high time he catch up with some paperwork. Failure to do so would most probably result in no end of the year vacation back to Italy for him.

I was thinking that it would be bad timing anyway, since he told me that we won the KFC and QSR annual report and newsletter pitch. So I will be very much filling in his shoes with some help from Jim and Ying Jeh.

Haha, but I guess the best thing about the shoot was to meet Amber Chia, our very own homegrown Guess model. Don't be fooled by her elegant and cool outlook for she is very down to earth and easy to talk too, speaking of which I have to mention here that she's got a voracious appetite for a model ;P~ LOL.

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