Friday, March 11, 2005

Annual Reports - Livin' La Vida Botak-T

YESSSSS I will admit that my previous experience with annual reports was more like a brush through and not a full blown thing. So when Q account came into the picture... I was well... blown away. For the good of people reading this (if any), Q Corporation is the holding company for the likes of major fast food chains in the country. Well anyway coming back, my client Botak-T is a first-timer when it comes to annual reports and regrettably I am not much better. He gave me a set of accounts in late Jan and wanted me to flow them in so at least the template is set, so fine I did that. Received another file after I came back from Bali and was passed to me by Gilbert... on the file name was stated final, so I passed it on to the designer to flow in the figures. That's when the problem starts, my designer was going through the old draft and the new and realized that:-

a) The figures were incomplete
b) Some drafts from the first was missing from the second

So yeah you guessed it. He told me about the issue and I had to call the client to clarify. Extract from the conversation,

'Oh Jimbo, that was not the final although i named the file final, you still hafta wait for the audited version coming this 15th March.'

Yeah sure buddy, why don't you tell me by the end of Xmas so I can say Merry Christmas and fuck off? Ok fine, so I did not check through both the drafts before passing 'em on to the designers but come on lah, who would be dumb ee nuff to give 2 unaudited drafts to the agency and UTTERLY confuse them in the process, QSR!! Yay, Viva la Botak-T.

2 個吹水的人:

At 4:04 PM, Blogger Lancelot95 said...

Oh sure, kutuk ur client in a web site. ;)

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Vernon said...

HHahhahah..yeah man. Becareful. Better not to mention names actually. I have a few friends who were found out by people they were writing about. Now the blogs are offline. Getting stalked isn't funny.



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