Wednesday, April 06, 2005

New (old?) friend found

It is always nice when you go about your everyday life, doing the routine stuff you use to do and suddenly, something flares up from your past and rekindle you with sweet memories of your teenage life. I have always been rather flirtatious when I was young, not saying I was good-looking and all but I guess I have a way with words that hooked me up with a lot of female companions. I was an hyper active member of the Buddhist Society and organized an inter-school gathering, that was how I met these 2 girls from Gemencheh.

We got along pretty well and I kept in touch with them through phone and letters after the event and invited them to my 16th birthday party. In all honesty, I did not expect them to come all the way to Malacca for this but suprisingly they did. They took the taxi here and I walked them from MHS to my house. When the party ended, I asked for permission to go out with these girls but my request was denied. I begged really hard, but my pleas still fell to deaf ears. In the end, I had to get Pit Hann and Thiam Seng, the 2 suavest guys in my class to show my guests a good time in Malacca. I apologized for the incident after that, but I guessed friendship kinda fizzled after that.

I have pretty much forgot about this incident until an email from Friendster popped up on fateful Tuesday morning, notifying me of a message from a certain Akiko. Hmm.. I didn't know any Akiko, but nonetheless a chick writing to me is not something I come by everyday. In the message, she claims to know me and have met me before, I checked her photos out (quite a looker too) but had no idea who she was. All the while, my curiosity escalated and inevitably reached a climax. I couldn't 'tahan' anymore! I went through her testimonials and discovered that she is an active forum member of Picanto Club.

I went in, browsed through her profile and got her msn. I added her and very soon we were chatting to each other. It was only then that realization dawned me that it was the same girl that came to my party, the same girl that I ffk-ed, the same girl I lost contact with 9 years ago. *sigh* Friendster's such a lovely place for friends lost and found. Friends are so hard to come by once you lost them in the sea of Life. I made a solemn promise to myself that I will grasp harder this time and not let myself lose sight of my friends again. :o)

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