Thursday, April 07, 2005

8 years of itchiness

8 years... that is how long it has been since I kicked a football with my feet. I joined Vernon, Hon and Jim yesterday at the Sunway Extreme Park for a futsal session. The moment I entered the courts, looking at the games in progress reminded me a lot of the times I was playing barefooted with the guys back from high school in the school field after class. 2 of us would strip our shoes and use them as goal posts and a full blown battle ensues under the hot sun. We got quite a kick from it too especially when the IJC girls pass by and throw glances at us. Anyway coming back to present day, looking at these guys play reminded me a lot of the good 'ol days and I found myself really looking forward to the game.

I was introduced to Vernon's cousin and his band of friends, all high school mates that sort of kept together after 4 years due to their love for futsal. Anyway these guys are really good, they thrashed ass the moment they entered the courts and I hardly have to do anything for the first 2 games (me the goalie). It wasn't until the 3rd game when exhaustion steps in that I was made to do a full save at an close range attempt . We were good for 4 games and lost out to a last minute 2-sen goal that sent us packing. Not that they mind, they look so tired like they really needed the break.

We rested a bit and chatted with Jim while waiting for our game to start again. We did not have really long to wait as the game was on elimination basis. 2 goals or 10 minutes, should the game end in a draw... there will be a PK session. Soon we were at it again and barely 3 minutes into the game, the overhead lights were switched off and the game was brought to an abrupt halt. Apparently the booking was only until 11.30 and someone has booked the court from then onwards so we can't actually extend our time. So, it was damn 'potong stim'lah as I was just getting the hang of the game. Will look forward to the game next week should my work allow...hehe.

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