Thursday, August 25, 2005

Revelation revisited

Sorry for the long hiatus. I lost all blogging appetite after my last entry gone *pooh* when Safari crashed on me a few days ago. A 4000-word entry gone in a blink of an eye to missing skips of the heartbeat. *sigh* Oh well, no point in yacking about something that cannot be remedied, lets move on shall we?

Last weekend was THE long awaited weekend for many. The annual Revelation rave by Salem was held in Admiral Marina Port Dickson and attracted throngs of crowd mainly from the states of KL, Malacca and NS. Hotel reservations were full 2 weeks prior to the date but we managed to scrape a private apartment from one of Penny's contact. Although we left KL at around 2pm, the roads were already jammed. No one really minded however when the booze and fun came to mind. (Note: Thank God we did not have to stay in Hotel Selat, our contingency plan. We passed by and the place looks creepy. Even heard rumors saying its haunted.)

Not bad for a last minute booking, nice seaview

Finding PD World Resort was not as difficult as I thought and we checked in just 20 minutes after passing the Port Dickson toll. I chanted the usual rites for entering a hotel room when I opened the door (and was labelled superstitious) and literally threw our bags into the rooms. The place consists of 3 rooms with air condition attached only to the master. Other than the dusty floors, everything seems pretty OK. Without wasting further time, we got right down to business...

Enough to poison a cow

We started off with a few games of chor tai dee and the drinking penalty was evenly distributed among the 4 players. As more people started to gather round, we moved on to the all-time drinking game, everyone is to sit in a circle and pick a card from the deck. The card will be placed on the forehead and you are not permitted to look at your own card. You can however look at the cards of other players and decide what and how much to add to the cups in the middle. Loser with smallest points drinks all. Jase suggested a maximum of 3 cups for the loser and he was amply rewarded with 3 straight losses in a row. Haha *he jolly well deserved it*

Ngo hou pei arrrrrr~

Everyone was mellow by the end of round 8 as we finished the Smirnoff and the JD. Penny arrived with her friends when we were opening the Bombay Sapphire and the newcomers suggested upping the ante with 4 players drinking out of the 14 in the group, the 2 biggest cards as well as the 2 smallest. Needless to say, there were more drunkards by the time the session was over. (P.S: Lasted a good 3 hours.)

Drunk silly, Penny and Hon

Small eyes and rosy cheeks... early signs of excessive alcohol abuse

My godsis Feifoon looked me up for dinner and we drove to the rave right after that. Cars were park on both sides of the road, on bents, pedestrian paths, longkangs, everywhere! It took us a while but we finally parked at an isolated construction site near Bayu Beach Resort. There were already a few cars before us and no one was paying heed to the no entry sign.

It was a 20-minute trek to the main entrance of Admiral Marina and another 15 minutes to walk to the designated ticket checkpoint. There was a huge crowd and my main concern at that point was locating Penny and company that came a little earlier than us. In addition to the huge turnout, phonelines were down and it was with great effort that we finally managed to connect to a Celcom line.

My worst fears were confirmed when Hon told me that they were already inside. To make matters worse, he cut the line when I raised my voice. It took us another 15 minutes to reconnect and by then, you can already see steam wafting from my nostrils as well as ears. The first thing I did was shout into the phone and screw and screw and screw. Penny kept on insisting that they had no choice but to go in because the guards forced them (but I was to learn later that they went in because one of her friends that was already inside had no ticket), she explained profusely that I did not need a ticket to get in and asked me to try.

Left with no choice, I led the girls and squeeze right into the crowd. The RELA members kept shouting for display of tickets but thank God the crowd was too much for them to control. People were pushing from the back and it was getting rowdier by the second. By then, my lips were curled in anger and no one dared approach me for the first 15 minutes.

There was no security check and all and people could've brought in guns and weapons without problems. I did not do anything of that sort of course, but I smuggled in my own concoction of lychee gin and downing it cooled me down tremendously. The apologies that came later helped a lot as well. We went to redeem our drinks and to our utter disgust, there's no more Heineken and its only bloody 11pm. Come on lah, you sold the tix, is aware of the turnout and you did not even prepare enough beers, WTF?! So left with no choice, we got a bottle of whisky with 4 pathetic cans of sprite for RM 250. We were also supplied 4 plastic cups with some ice cubes in. You finish the ice? Well too bad!

I spent some time downing my whisky on the rocks near the gazebo and by then the main arena was already packed to the core. The whole place reeked of weed and you can see half naked gays in warm embrace, you can see bitches on picnic chasing people away so that they don't step on their food and drinks and last but not least, the cao ah bengs who came with their ultra tight tees and their bell bottom pants feng-ing their taus for all their worth.

The area was packed with ang mo, Indians, Chinese, Malay, gays, lesbians, ah bengs, ah lians...

Johan Gielen was playing and I personally felt that his tracks were commercialized at best. He made great efforts to please the crowd but his music lacked energy and fell flat on the face. Uninspired to move, I fagged like a chimney and spent half the night searching for familiar faces. And I bumped right into Becky and her whacky friends!

Top: Peckish and me
Bottom: Peckish, me and Agnes

After a few hours of sweat, the whisky and the water was starting to act up. Jase and I went to the toilet or toitoi cubicles only to be greeted by super long queues. Luckily for us guys, Jase led me to this secluded spot behind the toi tois that was semi concealed by some forage and there we eased ourselves. No hassles and no long lines LOL. But the highlight of the night would have to be our journey back to the dancing spot. She stole the limelight from the DJs and dozens of ogling guys can be seen dancing around trying to catch her on camera. Although lotsa chicks were wearing bikinis that night, this particular one was sporting a...

BRA...and on the damn stage too!

After Johan salvaged his boring set by throwing the prized headset. Scot Project came on amidst another flurry of fireworks and a balloon zeppelin. Although slow to accelerate, he fired up some fresh and interesting tracks combining various elements. Not being able to move much in the sand, I withdrew myself to the tar road by the right where I found like-minded people dancing away.

Scot Project rox!

By the time I returned to the main group, most of them looked exhausted and sported eyebags. So we left for the day after paying a visit to the techno courts. Although an interesting event, the quality of the DJs were mediocre and planning was as usual poor. The trek back to my car took us almost an hour but thank God we were able to cuci mata with the bra girl walking in front of us.

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