Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Which HK actor does Kenny Sia look like?

OK I am really bored today. Work is not moving and the client is once again sitting on their fat ass to revert with the ads. I exhausted all my recreational activities:-

a) Check my semi-retired Friendster account and search for chio bus - DONE!
b) Click my GET MAIL button repetitively in the hope that my client or a long lost friend might send me something- DONE!
c) Lose 5 minutes of my life with a stick of Dunhill Menthol Lights - DONE!
d) Walk around the office making silly remarks and annoy the shit out of everyone - DONE!
f) Break copyright laws by downloading mp3s online - DONE!
e) Take my regular dose of favourite blogs - DONE!

Soooooo... I've decided to do an entry reserved for rainy days in response to one of Kenny's assignment for fans while he was away copping feels in Peninsula M'sia and Singapore.

When I read the entry above a few weeks ago, I can't help but remember there was this keh leh feh from the TVB series War and Beauty that strongly resembles our funnyman Kenny. It took me a while but I finally found an image of him:-

Below is a simple scoresheet of the similarities:-

Hair - 2/10
[ Ed's note: Aiyah thats because the actor was sporting a Qing Dynasty pigtail mah, but both scalps are still black in color :o) ]

Brows - 9/10
[ Ed's note: Wah this is a killer! Thick and pronounced. Accordingly to Chinese fortune telling, people with thick brows carry great authority and are well respected. Others say 忠忠直直, 终须乞食。]

Eyes - 8/10
[ Ed's note: Both Kenny and the actor has got small mousy eyes with singular eyelids, Kenny's eyes however looked like slits and tak balance, 1 big 1 small. ]

Nose - 7/10
[ Ed's note: Both of them's got big noses. Kenny's however is slightly sharper with nostrils jutting *oink oink* and the actor's more on the flat side. ]

Mouth - 0/10
[ Ed's note: Pity really but the lips are direct opposites. Kenny's lips are thin and people with this feature are usually very kiam siap.The actor on the other hand possess full, luscious lips. ]

Ears - 10/10
[ Ed's note: Both of them have got big, thick earlobes that signifies longevity and prosperous life! ]

Summary: Oklah...this is the closest HK actor I can find resembling Kenny leh... and some of the features are really close. So the next time you see Kenny walking down the road, please do not mistake him for Jerry Yan. Help the poor man stop the incessant sneezing and puking. Thankiew!

1. I am not a Keh-Nih fan
2. I am ALSO not a Jerry Yan fan.
3. This entry is for entertainment purposes only and does not function to offend any Keh-Nih fans (or Keh-Nih) in the process. Therefore, please read at ur own risk.

2 個吹水的人:

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Jojo Low said...

your a-e is precisely what i did in the office today. Exactly the same damn thing ... except I didn't blog.

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Chienne said...

nawps. know him in real life. not kiam siap at all. LOL. don't read too much outta faces.


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