Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Singa-bore and Singa-波

I had a really interesting conversation with a taxi driver during my short trip to Singapore. He was a friendly Chinese chap in his 30s and below is an extract of our conversation:-

(T = Taxi driver and M = Me)

T: Vere are you from friend?
M: I am from Malaysia.
T: Ohhhh, are you in Singapore for business or leisure?
M: I am here for business actually.
T: I go Malaysia veli often, I like going there! (Ed note: yeah duh, things are much cheaper ward)
M: Oh... to look around or visit relatives?
T: I go for food la, Singaporean food courts so expensive and the food like shit-lah.
M: You go down to JB then?
T: No...not JB but KL.
M: Eh... why do you go to KL and not Malacca and JB when these 2 destinations are much nearer?
T: No la, JB nowadays so dangerous you know! They no more use knife for loberry, now all use gun! Don't say we from Singapore go there not safe, locals oso they rob ah. Mai siao siao oh.
M: Then go to Malacca if its the food you're after, we have good stuff there!
T: No la... Malacca so outdate no fun. (Ed note: duh again, from one big city to another ?! sheesh)
M: You stay with relatives in KL then?
T: Nola, I go down KL eveli 1-2 months and book a room in the Swiss Garden Inn. I am VIP there you know, they know me veli well. So evelitime I go there I got special discount. I like to walk to Petaling Street to buy stuff and eat, the food there are so nice and cheap.
M: (Laughs) OK, so do you go for any local 'delicacies' as well? *I winked at him*
T: Haiyoooo why would I need to go for the Malaysian 1? Singapore also got a lot mah. You tell me what you vant, China, Thailand, Australia, local all oso got ah. If seasoned 1 around S$50 and if you want virgin must pre-arrange la cost around S$150-250 depending on the quality lor. Wah I tell you recently got Spanish somemore leh, all chio bu! Some Malaysian girls they come here for 2 weeks, den return to JB or Genting for 1-2 days before coming beck to Singapore again. How long will you be here, I bling you around tomorrow!
M: Thank you for your kind offer but I am afraid I am going back tomorrow.
T: Aiyah so soon ah, nevermind la. This is my card (Reach into his pocket and passes me a card), call me when you come to Singapore again and I will show you around!
M: Alright thanks a lot man!

The conversation came to an end when I reached the hotel but it was nonetheless a very interesting conversation about a Singaporean's perspective of Malaysia and errr... the 'PR' scene in these 2 countries.

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