Saturday, May 28, 2005

Booze & boost

Clubbing use to be about a group of friends coming out with the sole purpose of being 'seen and be seen'. It was back in the days when my wallet does not carry anything above 2-3 red notes, it was sad yeah but I was contented. We would enter the club early (say around 9) to avoid cover charge and choose the best spot possible in the non-bottle area, order a beer and take great pains to sip no matter how much we feel like gobbling it down. We would then proceed to jiggle our butts and minimize conversation for fear that it will parch our throats too quickly, coz we know we can't afford a second helping. But we end up having a good time... trust the good music to send you on a natural high.


Clubbing revolves around booze, booze and more booze. I cannot even imagine going into a club without enough liquor to keep me bouncing through the night. A good example will be last Friday night, I went to the Stuff anniversary party with Penny and Jase expecting a decent night. Having to queue with kiasu suits notwithstanding, we got up to the VIP Lounge only to realize that the free flow has been depleted after just 1 hour. WTF, I was thirsty like hell and the music seems like nothing but dull throbs in my head. There, things went downhill and my attention span dwindled. Pierre and Yee Ling were talking to me on top of the music and all I could afford were half-hearted smiles to 'layan' the conversation. i excused myself and went down only to find equally bored Az and Agnes looking at me. So we left!

We went to Mydina in Jalan Pinang for a drink and were kept entertained to funny antics by Jase's pals, Han and Kiat. Han has got that look that will make any chick go 'eeeee, so cute!' and pet him on the head while he purrs in appreciation. Kiat on the other hand smokes his NEXT cigarettes and remains zipped, and as abrupt as his silence is, will crack a really funny joke that have us rolling on the floor. Oops got a little diverted sorry! Anyways we went to Red Box Low Yat after that and got this super huge room fit for 25 (there's only 6 of us). We ordered a few beers and after a few rounds were warm and mellow enough to dance to classics like Take My Breath Away. You can trust alcohol to keep the party flowing and in this case till 4. Haha... all these remind me of a line I saw back in the mIRC days on #happyhours, 'Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse'.

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