Friday, April 15, 2005

窗外阴天了 天下起雨了 人是不快樂。。。

Everybody seems to be in a bad mood this morning. My greets were returned with half hearted smiles or half nods of acknowledgement. Friends on MSN seem to fare no better and my message prompts all went unresponded. Sae Junn is once again in his 'bitch' mode after getting another royal makeover from Thomas the 'kopiwriter'. It is extremely sad, considering today to be friday, a day where we are suppose to tone down and receive the weekend with open hands (assuming you don't work on Saturday)

I guess I too am in a melancholy mood thanks to Jacky Cheung's 我真的受傷了. I took the trouble to browse Baidu for flash files and it must be said here that some work kept there are really good:-

Jacky Cheung - 我真的受傷了(flash)

The song was beautiful and the lyrics touching, accompanied by the flash MTV depicting a dying girl who broke up with her bf to avoid him feeling sad... it ALMOST brought tears in my eyes. (the Cancerian in me lah) I wonder if its gonna be another rainy afternoon today... *sigh*

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At 6:48 PM, Blogger Vernon said...

I wasn't in a bad mood. In fact, I'm almost always happy! Trust me to bring some sunshine! :D


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