Monday, April 11, 2005


I am absolutely terrified of fishes. It all started when I was a kid of 6, my dad use to have this aquarium with lotsa guppies and tetras and I love to stare at them swim under the pink neon lights. Everything was fine until THAT dream occured, it was so horrifying that it left me with a permanent phobia for fishes. I dreamt that I was admiring the fishes like I usually do, and suddenly the fishes rushed at the glass and the whole aquarium went burst. I slipped and was quickly overwhelmed by fishes, water and seaweed. I remember the stench of aqua life filling my nostrils and right before my eyes were fishes gaping for breath, some of them cut into pieces by the broken glass, and some had eye sockets with no corneas intact. I freaked out, brushed the fishes off me and wanted to run off, but as I stood up, I realized I was stepping on on dead fishes and eu... (think cats / dogs banged by cars in highway), you can imagine the rest. Anyway after that day, I am so erked by fishes in aquariums that I kept a certain distance to ensure none of them go bursting on me again, even if its a dream.

Agnes on the other hand loves fishes, so it wasn't a suprise that she wanted to get some for the house after we got the aquarium over from her old place in Wangsa Maju. Hesitant at first, I soon relented when she agreed to be solely responsible with the welfare of the fishes. My worst fear came true yesterday when she was away in Malacca, I was going to the washroom when I noticed from the corner of my eye 2 tiny oblique objects on the floor. I bent down and on closer scrutiny realized dead fishes were staring back at me. My first reaction was to back off and look beneath my feet, thank God there were no squashed fishies. I took a facial tissue from the room and with great difficulty relocated the dead fish into the dustbin. 2nd and 3rd death in the house after Skinny... sigh. May all of them rest in peace and btw, I sealed off my aquarium with hygiene plastic, to make sure no fish will ever emulate Dory again. :p

2 個吹水的人:

At 12:19 AM, Blogger Lancelot95 said...

you are afraid of fish ? wat the heck. you are the symbol of all that is tasty about fish ...

They come back to haunt you huhuh ..

Well becareful of what type of fishes you keep, some are really tedious as hell. Hope no more pets die soon ;)

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