Thursday, April 14, 2005

History: A lesson in truth and humility

When I was doing Presentation Skills under Mr. Bong back in college, I did a presentation on the Nanking Massacre. To be honest, I did not know how I stumbled upon the e-article in the first place but a shock I did receive. I saw pictures clearly depicting the atrocities commited by the Japanese army and read about the cruel opression the Chinese received under their rule. Hundreds of thousans died in the massacre and they included the old and weak, defenceless children and even pregnant women. It was so heart breaking that half way through the presentation, I broke down and cried.

5 years later, I read about this issue in the papers again. Japan has made a bid to acquire veto power in the UN and place itself on par with France, UK, US, Germany, Russia and China. This has sparked public outrage amongst the international community in Asia especially from those whose forefathers has suffered under Japanese tyranny. To top things up, Japan has also recently approved a textbook for high school students glossing their military involvement in WWII. They went as far as this:-

'The Sino-Japanese War was sparked in Lu Gao Bridge by a Chinese soldier who opened fire at the Japanese army performing military exercises in the area.'

As far as academics are concerned, there has been no proof of who fired first. And besides the important part is what the hell are the Japanese doing in Chinese terrritory anyway? Also they failed to mention this:-

- By then, the whole northern China was already under Japanese rule.
- A puppet government has been established under Pu Yi.

This has sparked a 10,000 strong demonstration in Beijing and other major cities which saw Japanese owned properties, cars and products, destroyed and vandalized these 2 recent weeks. Certain quarters have called for the boycott of Japanese products and although not yet on a mass scale, it has gained momentum from various regions in the country.

Until today, Japan has failed to admit or apologise for the war crimes they committed in Asia. They downplay their involvement in the war and shield their youngs from learning of the shameless deeds their forefathers committed. Isn't history a subject where we learn from the past and repent from making the same mistake? Or is it just another national propaganda for them to glorify the almighty country of the rising sun.

Wash after wash, the soot forever stays black
Lost your conscience, abandon your roots... you reached a point of no return
Repent and apologize, we might learn to forgive...
Yet you shake your head and deny responsibilities, your cross to bear for eons to come.

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At 1:48 PM, Blogger A. said...

You know what is funny?

The Japanese ambassador went to China to ask for a formal apology for the rioting and broken windows at their embassies.

And the Japanese wondered why the Chinese (and other Asians in general) dislike them.

Fifty years ago they killed, raped and pillaged. All China asked for now is for Japan not to hide all these facts from their next generation. To stop whitewashing of history, to stop saying "it was ok to do that because it was for the country."

And they are asking for apologies for broken windows?


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