Friday, April 22, 2005

Grunts, snorts and yawns

Here I am... sitting in front of my desktop in the office... the time is 11.17pm. My eyes are sore and watering from a long day of meetings and monitor-staring. My back and feet are itching like hell and I am yawning again. I stretched myself and distinctly heard my backbone resound with a subtle crack, I heaved a sigh of lethargy. *Damn* I wish I had a cigarette with me now, the very least I could do is kill time and my own life with a few puffs. Chuckie is working in the cubicle directly opposite to mine, now and then I hear voices of the diva Faye and Norah Jones. I shake my head and imagine myself tomorrow, crawling out of bed on a Saturday morning and going to more work after a late night of work. I will sit there till 5-6 immersed with changes and additions, leaving only long after the sun set. I will then proceed home and browse through my DVD/VCD collection for a good movie, watch it and go to bed. Then it will be Sunday again and I hate Sundays... maybe I will start calling it Fooky Day. Monday will be work again and the cycle repeats itself, sometimes I wish I could break out of this monotonous wheel of life and do something alternative for a change. But until I take that first step... I better bring myself to send that damned amended file to the client and get on with Friday. Bah Fooky!

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