Monday, April 18, 2005

Fooky Sunday

Sunday has been an extremely 'fooked' up day. Not only did I perform an overkill and won Fire Emblem - Sword of Seals effortlessly, my phone went dead after 2 years and 1 month of service. I got my Samsung A800 in the final days of the no-color phone era and that was back in March'03. It was not an user friendly phone but on many occasions has served its purpose relatively well. I dropped it sideways on the kitchen floor and when I picked it up, the phone displays a distorted image and does not respond to my clicks. I tried restarting the phone but ended up with nothing displayed on the screen. After a few futile attempts, I gave up. I am looking for a mid-end phone now and most friends are pointing in the direction of Sony Ericsson T630 or K700i. I am also keen on Nokia 7200 as well as the Siemens CF62, Sae Junn is checking the price out and we will see how it goes.

AND to top it all up, the steamboat being planned that day was screwed. I had a very bad feeling when I woke up that morning and when I called around 6 to check on the outing status, my worst fears were confirmed. Alex expected me to buy all the food, gas and items needed for the steamboat although he was the one who suggested the outing. His reasoning is since I suggested my place, he took for granted that I will buy everything and just make sure these guys come, eat and have a good time. Now how the hell am I gonna go shopping when he did not confirm on his 2 colleagues, David and Andrea. How much do I hafta buy, what do I hafta buy, information zilch. I called David and he said he confirmed attendance with Alex, I didn't know that. They were suppose to bring their own food, I didn't know that. I suggested my house yes, but do not assume that I will buy and organize everything. Even if that is what you have in mind, please pre-emp me. He was the one who suggested this whole outing and he expects to sway in at 8 and just tuck in to some hot juicy meatballs?! I also told him I HATE Sundays, but he loves to organize everything on Sundays. There you had it, a minor argument that upsetted my worse of days and turned it into a total gloom.

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At 6:02 PM, Blogger tIcKLeMe said...

i hate it when that happens and whenever we have something on, they automatically assume i'll be the one in charge of food, attendance and etc. i rather not have any gathering if i have to do everything alone. tsk. worst thing is, if anything goes wrong, i'll be the only one who gets blamed. fck. i know how pissed you are cos i get it all the time.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Lancelot95 said...

No understanding at all right, hm. I believe you could do it alone, but it is always better to be able to do it with somebody else. Frustrating yeah, but the world revolves like that some time yeah ;)

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