Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Crossroads of Life

This is just a little something I would like to share. I was at the crossroads of making an important decision and the article helped me make up my mind somehow. Hope you will find it useful too!
There was once a beggar with a broken right arm. With tattered clothes and the deficit, he was a sight for sore eyes and passer-bys usually end up donating coins out of pity. One day the beggar came to a farmer and begged for alms.
The farmer nodded and said 'Move these pile of bricks from the house to the barn and you will be amply rewarded.' Upon hearing this, the beggar retorted angrily, 'You clearly see my disability and yet still set a task as such for me, are you mocking me?'
Without saying anything, the farmer lifted the brick with his right hand and ferried it to the barn with ease. The farmer than came back and said, 'I used only 1 hand to carry that brick, if I can do it... why can't you?' The beggar went mum and without further complaints started moving the bricks one by one. After 2 hours of sweat, he finally completed the task.
The farmer handed him a towel and the beggar wiped the sweat trickling down his neck and forehead. Very soon the once white towel turned black. The farmer then gave him 20 dollars and the grateful beggar started thanking him profusely. The farmer said, 'Do not thank me, you've toiled and deserve the money.' The beggar was very touched and pleaded with the farmer to part with the towel so it can be kept as a memorabilia. The farmer consented and with this they parted ways.
After a few years, this beggar once again appeared at the doorsteps of the farm. This time, he was neatly groomed and wore the clothes befitting a perfect gentlemen. He held out his right hand, tightly grasping a stained towel. With tears welling, he said 'I was once a beggar, now I am the managing director of a company. You've showed me the importance of dignity and helped me rebuild my confidence. If it was not because of you, I might still be wandering the streets till now.'
The farmer simply replied , ' These are all the result of your hard work, I have no share in it.' The one-hand director offered the farmer a new house but the latter turned down the generous offer. The beggar was baffled with the rejection but the farmer smiled and explained,

'Because everyone in my family has got a pair of hands.'

Live life with dignity. Respect yourself, respect others and last but not least respect those whom you do not know as well.
Love your work! Only then will your life be empowered.
Pursue your passion, although you might not earn as much... but the fulfillment and satisfaction is 10 times more important than those who sold their souls to the devil for money. Your individuality alone deserves much respect!
A word of thanks to Esing for sending this article at the right time. :o)

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