Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dog eyes see people low (pun intended)

I was having a conversation with Yee Ling the other day and I started bitching about work again. She told me there is a vacancy for AM in her company and encouraged me to give it a go. She even went to the extent of talking to the AD on the very next Monday and passed me the email. Even before looking at my resume, the AD came to the conclusion that my experience was bullshit just because I was from a small setup. WTF?! So anyway, I went ahead and send my resume according to the protocols and received a call today.

It was from a Malay lady and her tone and manner reminds me of some snobbish bitch you find climbing corporate ladders (Refer to Defining Corporate Bitches, cold and uninspired notwithstanding... Itold her I was in a discussion and she has the nerves to ask me to call back before 5.30pm because 'that's when office hours end and I am going home'! WTF?!

Below is an extract from the conversation that follows:-
Me: Hey A, thank you for calling.
A: (without waiting for me to finish) Hi Jimmy, we received your resume already and would like to invite you for an interview
as an AE.
Me: Errr...sorry but I don't think I am interested in that position. I thought...
A: (again interrupting) Oh hmm...(sniffs) then nevermind la, bye!

WTFFFF ?! I am so pissed, who the fuck they think they are? I am only giving it a go simply because my friend recommended me and this is the sort of bullshit I have to take from some dumb bitch? I have never had a good impression for P agency, when I send in my resume 2 years ago, they were the only ones dumb enough to ask for my PMR and SPM qualifications despite previous working experience in an agency. And anyway they are offering some dumb animal food account that I don't fancy and no I am not saying the grapes are sour 'coz I don't get to savour them.

The very least you can do is talk in a polite manner, you are in the advertising industry for God's sake and talking to a non-client does not mean you can be rude and arrogant. What goes around comes around, no wonder P agency never made it big in Malaysia; screw you!

他媽的, 狗眼看人低 無能万事斃。。。關門大吉在前夕

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