Wednesday, July 06, 2005

2J quarter century Bday bash!

Yes people, I am finally a quarter century old and with it comes more woman acquaintances, more money responsibilities, high maturity and of course more bullshit, muahahahaha. The 2 Lims, Jase and I decided to celebrate together in Red Box last Friday since our birthdays were just 3 days apart. Han the Laughing Buddha got us a huge room with projector screen and an attached toilet, the room was so spacious that I can do an Indian roll on the floor and not finish even after 5 minutes. The room also came with 3 bottle of Chivas, tidbits, fruit platter and a free buffet; all for the amazing price of RM 888... quite a steal actually!

Han - Isn't he adorable? Looks just like the Laughing Buddha

I reached Red Box at around 7.30pm due to the heavy traffic and by then, Hon, Jase, Penny, Perry and the rest of the gang were already there. I was famished and immediately tucked into the food. Couldn't say it was fantastic but when you are hungry, you really don't give 2 jackshits. However, noone was really complaining because Red Box is not suppose to be famous for its buffet, we are here for the songs and the the booze... the true highlights of the night!

Right after the dinner, some of us got right to the singing while the smoking gang went to the smoking zone at the back (yes, its that large!) and started fagging away.

Check out my ciggie light saber shtick *wanggg*

Kegiatan maksiat di negara semakin berleluasa...

Some of the people who were present do not fancy singing but tagged along because they were really good heng tai with the birthday boys. So what do they do to pass time? What they do best of course!


Verne woke up after taking a short nap. The poor fella had only 1 hour of sleep the previous day working on H's sales presentation. So when he woke up, I decided to make it a point to sing Bon Jovi's "It My Life" with him. Kinda reminds me of our predicament as advertising people....haih 命苦!

Duet of 2 gay lords featuring a blur king

Our duet kinda warmed him up and he decided to go solo with this number...

Don't cry for me... Argentinaaaaaaaaa

Of course other then singing, drinking, fagging and smooching, there were also a lot of other nonsense going on as well. Some even took the saying make yourself at home a little too seriously.


Singing barefooted makes my voice sounds better, nei chui meh?

We were in Red Box until 4am and by then most of us were tipsy and I was dead drunk. I made my rounds to the toilet and it was an ugly sight, at least I was still sober enough to clean up my mess :p~. Agnes was sleeping on the couch and Paul... poor Paul was gone with the wind. He was mighty generous in offering us another bottle of Chivas after the 3 bottles were wiped out. However by the time I took the first drink from the 4th bottle, I was totally zonked and spent most of my time in the loo. The rest sipped and poor Paul had to down more than half the bottle by himself. According to Jason, he fell off the couch and was bleeding a little but he wasn't even aware of it, he must be out cold.

The sun has gone... to bed and so must I...

Knockout aka gone aka vamoosh aka TOTAL K.O

Well, it had been spanking fun and next year... hopefully we will get to do this again. LOVELY!

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At 8:43 PM, Blogger tIcKLeMe said...

happy belated bday jimbo. *feeds you a slice of her freshly baked virgin cake*

At 11:49 AM, Blogger A. said...

Wait... is that Han guy called Paul Lim? Does/did he work at a brother's lawyer firm?


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