Friday, September 02, 2005

The Shitty Security Story

A few weeks ago, there was a break-in in my house. Nope, I should say the break-in took place in my housemate's room to be accurate. Other than losing RM 150 in cash, her jeweleries and other valuables were all intact. I could only speculate that the burglar made good use of the half open window since my locks were in perfect order when I got back.

Although I did not lose anything, it got me really worried about the security of my home... and of the whole frigging condo I stay in. To start with, our condo's doors were malfunctioned and had to be replaced by glass ones. That was a good move considering the previous wooden ones look like some barricade to a pen. The glass doors however took 1 month+ to fix and another week or 2 to activate, and only after a gazillion complaints from the residents.

Next will be the beloved guards. They are your protectors, the man in shining armor that keeps you safe from harm... my ass. These bunch of goons at my place are nothing but a bunch of rude, obnoxious, low-life lazy goons. Threatening my life notwithstanding, they never seem to be where they are suppose to be. I come home everyday and collect my mails from the Ground Floor and everytime I am there, I will never see the guard at his post. Where is he? Shitting after a faulty meal or resolving some big hooh hah outside? Everyday? I think not.

I called the management manager and lodge an official complaint. And of course lah, I got the usual 'we are doing our best', 'things are in progress' and 'you guys need to cooperate more' crap. I thought I was going to see improvements even if temperamental, but I was wrong. The guards are still MIA until today.

Unhappy about something? Sure, fill in the complain form that is retrievable from your friendly guard stationed on the G floor. But guess what, we can't frigging do that because he's never there!

A lot of residents have also made suggestions for daily patrols since we have 3 entrances/exits (other than the one on G floor) from the car park. Most housing communities and buildings have checkpoints in strategic locations so guards on patrol can initial into the logbook to ensure that they are doing their job. Why can't simple things like that be implemented at my place, its not as if its voluntary work. I bet we can do a better job if there is rukun tetangga.

So my dear guardians, stop sitting on your bikes fagging away and stop using that clumsy bulky gateway of yours as a place to loiter and sleep. We spend tonnes of cash to acquire our dream homes and another good bit for some peace of mind. Buck up or shift out!

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At 6:06 PM, Blogger tIcKLeMe said...

gosh, that's quite scary man. actually, there are a lot of break-in cases in vista komanwel too. we've changed shit loads of diff security guards and all but the results are still the same.


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