Monday, December 12, 2005

Soul search

There were times I asked myself
What am I looking for in this life?
Is it a successful career with lots of cash to boot?
Or is it fame and recognition beyond doubt?
Or even maybe simplicity and tranquility without roller-coaster rides
I do not know.

Sometimes, most of the time...
My ultimate goal changes
I can be such a temperamental person
All it takes is a snap of the fingers, a flicker of the eye
And my thoughts can be 180 degrees different
There are always things you meet along the way
In material or not, it does not matter
Ah...I think I do not have a strong stand.

I thought that I was on track, career-wise and life-wise
A decent job on track for greater heights
A house and 4 wheels to take me places
But a part inside me hungers for more
While settle for decent when it could be great?
While settle for just a house when it could be a posh address in Sri Hartamas or even Beverly Hills?!
Life is so full of anticipations, wants, desires and lusts

Am I really happy where I am?
Am I utilizing the knowledge that I have garnered to the full extent?
Einstein only used 6% of his brain
How much have I been using?
Deep down inside, a part of me tells me
I need to strive harder!
I need to think harder!
There is so much more waiting for you, Jimbo
It is not time for you to halt now?!

And yet I hesitate
I halt in my steps and search within myself
What is true happiness?
Is it material gains you seek?
Are you sure that being there will warrant you absolute happiness?
For with absolute wealth comes absolute responsibility
Plagiarized yes, but further contemplation holds it true

Haha, do not mind my yacking and babbles
This is after all what this site is about
I have not done soul searching for a long time
To sit down and see where I am now
How I truly feel

How long has it since you've done any soul searching?

1 個吹水的人:

At 10:22 AM, Blogger iwannaeatporkchoptonight said...

"Have you found someone to share your heart with?"

"Are you giving to your community?"

"Are you at peace with yourself?"

"Are you trying to be as human as you can be?"

- Tuesdays with Morrie.

For me? No, not really, sometimes, and I hope so.

You and I know money isn't everything. And fame. What's fame anyway?


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