Thursday, August 11, 2005

情牵 || Feeling Café || Rendezvous

I use to be a loner and a big one at it. When I first started my first job in KL, my office was located in Puchong and I rented a room at the Commonwealth Village in Bukit Jalil. Work aside, most of my friends stay in PJ and KL and are hesitant of coming all the way to this relatively 'lifeless' area which only lights up whenever there is some big event at the stadium.

I spent most of the nights with my faithful computer. The order of the night usually consists of games, shows repeated over a dozen times. With no internet access and no housemates, the best I can do to obtain human interaction will be via my mobile phone. (cost me a bomb those days ok)

In my quest for companionship, I joined a friendly bunch of church-goers from Serdang for Chap Goh Mei 4 years ago and this is how I stumbled across Feeling Café... and fell in love with it.

Located behind South City Plaza, Feeling Café is comfortably nestled in the back row of some shophouses. Small, quaint and simple, the café sports chairs outside which caters to smokers and football fans (there is a TV there) while the first section of the cafe hosts 3-4 tables with high stools for couples. Further down are bigger tables and to the left is the stage for singers. Right at the back are the washroom, bar and kitchen.

Chinese characters from Chi Chyin's song;'The World Outside' (齐秦-外面的世界)adorned the walls and its background colors are warm and welcoming, with orange and yellow aplenty. It gave me a fuzzy sensation and made me feel extremely homely there. I took a seat and by pure coincidence bumped into 2 old friends studying in UPM nearby. We had a good chat about old times and the drinks proved refreshing and smooth. In addition to that, the singers that night were extremely good. One of them brought us songs not only in Chinese and Cantonese, but in English as well. Other than the familiar hits that get you humming, I will always remember his rendition of U2's 'With or Without You', simply mind blowing! I had an extremely good time that night and not long after that, realize that I had fell in love with this café.

Other than the usual selection of red and green milk teas, there are also special drinks based on horrorscopes. My personal fave however is still good 'ol jasmine tea
image courtesy of jason

Since then, I became a regular at the café and went at least once a week. There were instances where I will go there on a Friday and again on a Saturday. I recommended the café to all my friends and most of them who came with me agree that the music and atmosphere are fantastic. Not only are the songs well-sung and melodious, the singers are interactive and contribute in forming a tight bond with the audience below. Most importantly, the small space allows for greater focus and people go there for the music, not conversation. These unique selling points are enough to beat a lot of the more commercialized cafés hands down.

The singers in action, guy on the left can actually sing William So and Jacky Cheung songs very well
image courtesy of jason

Other than the branch in Serdang, I have also been to the 1st shop located in Wangsa Maju, another fantastic hangout popular among local TARc students. The line-up is usually fixed every week (3 singers with 2 guitarists) and a full band performs every Saturday. Once in a while, there are also guest appearances from professional singers and songwriters. I will never forget the time 易齐 (songwriter of Fish Leong's ‘半个月亮’) blamed me for staring too hard, told me he couldn't keep himself from laughing. (professional worrr, duh!)

Your friendly and chio waitress prepared to take your order and dedications
image courtesy of jason

*Sigh* Now that I have moved into my own place in Kota Damansara, it has became increasingly difficult to visit the café but would still strongly recommend it to any of you out there who enjoy chilling to good music. Drop me a note should any of you need directions, and should you be staying faraway from the 2 places mentioned above... make the effort. It's worth it, trust me!


When you experience world's fascinations
When you experience world's restlessness
I am here wishing you well
I am here waiting patiently for you
Whenever the sun sets
I am always right here
Although the skies might drizzle
I still look forward to your return...
Feeling Café, I will be back very soon, I promise!

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At 1:54 PM, Blogger tIcKLeMe said...

i myself have not been to feelings cafe for years. prolly just once since i last went with you. i guess i'll blame it on me being kaki-less.

ur friend caren and the gang still hangs around there often though. :P

At 2:20 PM, Blogger J said...

Seems very good.
Wish to go there one day. :)

At 4:45 PM, Blogger Loc Kee said...

hii... were you there with Jason??
how's the Dion girl there??

At 6:15 PM, Blogger Jason Lioh said...

Wah lew, my name sooooooo small, not small, mini. :P

Hmm, overall is quite a good cafe and a place to chill out. Other than the famous Halo Cafe, which is way over rated.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Jimbo said...

tickleme: u got kaki ward, u can call me ;p

jessy: i can pass you the address or give u directions if you are interested. let me know :o)

loc kee: nope, i din go there with jason. i was a regular there way back years ago. BUT i do think the dion girl is really cute!

jason: haha alrite. I will edit and make ur name larger by 5%. halo sux!


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