Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Defining corporate bitches

Life these past few days revolved around work, work and more work. All the jobs always seem to come right at you simultaneously, and leave you with absolutely no idea on where to start. Currently, I am working on some ATLs for a new client... well not exactly new since my boss served her in her previous organization. This woman and her lackeys really reminds me of my days in OO working on multinational account dominated by women . These are women that have climbed the corporate ladder with their determination and passion (because they don't have a love life), women who are there but not quite at the top yet, women who enjoys great authority, women who feels that they know more and hence demands obedience, in simplicity we are talking about bitches. The corporate world is full of 'em, no matter what industry you are in. They abuse their 'higher' position to make you feel inferior and boss you around to get things done.

Everyone has got their own opinions and thoughts on things, sure. But bear in mind that you've hired us for a purpose, we specialize in this field and have been doing so for decades, what makes you think that you know more than we do? Just because you had your fair share of scuffles with a few agencies throughout the years? Be it copywriting, art direction... you name it, they just have to come and screw things up with their biased opinionated ideas. And when you try to rationalize with them, they come up with the 'who's the boss' crap. I have actually gave up hope on this pack and will adopt the 'give the client what they want and make them happy' approach and get on with life. No point of suffocating myself over a few ugly bitches, yucks.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Grunts, snorts and yawns

Here I am... sitting in front of my desktop in the office... the time is 11.17pm. My eyes are sore and watering from a long day of meetings and monitor-staring. My back and feet are itching like hell and I am yawning again. I stretched myself and distinctly heard my backbone resound with a subtle crack, I heaved a sigh of lethargy. *Damn* I wish I had a cigarette with me now, the very least I could do is kill time and my own life with a few puffs. Chuckie is working in the cubicle directly opposite to mine, now and then I hear voices of the diva Faye and Norah Jones. I shake my head and imagine myself tomorrow, crawling out of bed on a Saturday morning and going to more work after a late night of work. I will sit there till 5-6 immersed with changes and additions, leaving only long after the sun set. I will then proceed home and browse through my DVD/VCD collection for a good movie, watch it and go to bed. Then it will be Sunday again and I hate Sundays... maybe I will start calling it Fooky Day. Monday will be work again and the cycle repeats itself, sometimes I wish I could break out of this monotonous wheel of life and do something alternative for a change. But until I take that first step... I better bring myself to send that damned amended file to the client and get on with Friday. Bah Fooky!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Fooky Sunday

Sunday has been an extremely 'fooked' up day. Not only did I perform an overkill and won Fire Emblem - Sword of Seals effortlessly, my phone went dead after 2 years and 1 month of service. I got my Samsung A800 in the final days of the no-color phone era and that was back in March'03. It was not an user friendly phone but on many occasions has served its purpose relatively well. I dropped it sideways on the kitchen floor and when I picked it up, the phone displays a distorted image and does not respond to my clicks. I tried restarting the phone but ended up with nothing displayed on the screen. After a few futile attempts, I gave up. I am looking for a mid-end phone now and most friends are pointing in the direction of Sony Ericsson T630 or K700i. I am also keen on Nokia 7200 as well as the Siemens CF62, Sae Junn is checking the price out and we will see how it goes.

AND to top it all up, the steamboat being planned that day was screwed. I had a very bad feeling when I woke up that morning and when I called around 6 to check on the outing status, my worst fears were confirmed. Alex expected me to buy all the food, gas and items needed for the steamboat although he was the one who suggested the outing. His reasoning is since I suggested my place, he took for granted that I will buy everything and just make sure these guys come, eat and have a good time. Now how the hell am I gonna go shopping when he did not confirm on his 2 colleagues, David and Andrea. How much do I hafta buy, what do I hafta buy, information zilch. I called David and he said he confirmed attendance with Alex, I didn't know that. They were suppose to bring their own food, I didn't know that. I suggested my house yes, but do not assume that I will buy and organize everything. Even if that is what you have in mind, please pre-emp me. He was the one who suggested this whole outing and he expects to sway in at 8 and just tuck in to some hot juicy meatballs?! I also told him I HATE Sundays, but he loves to organize everything on Sundays. There you had it, a minor argument that upsetted my worse of days and turned it into a total gloom.

Friday, April 15, 2005

窗外阴天了 天下起雨了 人是不快樂。。。

Everybody seems to be in a bad mood this morning. My greets were returned with half hearted smiles or half nods of acknowledgement. Friends on MSN seem to fare no better and my message prompts all went unresponded. Sae Junn is once again in his 'bitch' mode after getting another royal makeover from Thomas the 'kopiwriter'. It is extremely sad, considering today to be friday, a day where we are suppose to tone down and receive the weekend with open hands (assuming you don't work on Saturday)

I guess I too am in a melancholy mood thanks to Jacky Cheung's 我真的受傷了. I took the trouble to browse Baidu for flash files and it must be said here that some work kept there are really good:-

Jacky Cheung - 我真的受傷了(flash)

The song was beautiful and the lyrics touching, accompanied by the flash MTV depicting a dying girl who broke up with her bf to avoid him feeling sad... it ALMOST brought tears in my eyes. (the Cancerian in me lah) I wonder if its gonna be another rainy afternoon today... *sigh*

Thursday, April 14, 2005

History: A lesson in truth and humility

When I was doing Presentation Skills under Mr. Bong back in college, I did a presentation on the Nanking Massacre. To be honest, I did not know how I stumbled upon the e-article in the first place but a shock I did receive. I saw pictures clearly depicting the atrocities commited by the Japanese army and read about the cruel opression the Chinese received under their rule. Hundreds of thousans died in the massacre and they included the old and weak, defenceless children and even pregnant women. It was so heart breaking that half way through the presentation, I broke down and cried.

5 years later, I read about this issue in the papers again. Japan has made a bid to acquire veto power in the UN and place itself on par with France, UK, US, Germany, Russia and China. This has sparked public outrage amongst the international community in Asia especially from those whose forefathers has suffered under Japanese tyranny. To top things up, Japan has also recently approved a textbook for high school students glossing their military involvement in WWII. They went as far as this:-

'The Sino-Japanese War was sparked in Lu Gao Bridge by a Chinese soldier who opened fire at the Japanese army performing military exercises in the area.'

As far as academics are concerned, there has been no proof of who fired first. And besides the important part is what the hell are the Japanese doing in Chinese terrritory anyway? Also they failed to mention this:-

- By then, the whole northern China was already under Japanese rule.
- A puppet government has been established under Pu Yi.

This has sparked a 10,000 strong demonstration in Beijing and other major cities which saw Japanese owned properties, cars and products, destroyed and vandalized these 2 recent weeks. Certain quarters have called for the boycott of Japanese products and although not yet on a mass scale, it has gained momentum from various regions in the country.

Until today, Japan has failed to admit or apologise for the war crimes they committed in Asia. They downplay their involvement in the war and shield their youngs from learning of the shameless deeds their forefathers committed. Isn't history a subject where we learn from the past and repent from making the same mistake? Or is it just another national propaganda for them to glorify the almighty country of the rising sun.

Wash after wash, the soot forever stays black
Lost your conscience, abandon your roots... you reached a point of no return
Repent and apologize, we might learn to forgive...
Yet you shake your head and deny responsibilities, your cross to bear for eons to come.

Monday, April 11, 2005


I am absolutely terrified of fishes. It all started when I was a kid of 6, my dad use to have this aquarium with lotsa guppies and tetras and I love to stare at them swim under the pink neon lights. Everything was fine until THAT dream occured, it was so horrifying that it left me with a permanent phobia for fishes. I dreamt that I was admiring the fishes like I usually do, and suddenly the fishes rushed at the glass and the whole aquarium went burst. I slipped and was quickly overwhelmed by fishes, water and seaweed. I remember the stench of aqua life filling my nostrils and right before my eyes were fishes gaping for breath, some of them cut into pieces by the broken glass, and some had eye sockets with no corneas intact. I freaked out, brushed the fishes off me and wanted to run off, but as I stood up, I realized I was stepping on on dead fishes and eu... (think cats / dogs banged by cars in highway), you can imagine the rest. Anyway after that day, I am so erked by fishes in aquariums that I kept a certain distance to ensure none of them go bursting on me again, even if its a dream.

Agnes on the other hand loves fishes, so it wasn't a suprise that she wanted to get some for the house after we got the aquarium over from her old place in Wangsa Maju. Hesitant at first, I soon relented when she agreed to be solely responsible with the welfare of the fishes. My worst fear came true yesterday when she was away in Malacca, I was going to the washroom when I noticed from the corner of my eye 2 tiny oblique objects on the floor. I bent down and on closer scrutiny realized dead fishes were staring back at me. My first reaction was to back off and look beneath my feet, thank God there were no squashed fishies. I took a facial tissue from the room and with great difficulty relocated the dead fish into the dustbin. 2nd and 3rd death in the house after Skinny... sigh. May all of them rest in peace and btw, I sealed off my aquarium with hygiene plastic, to make sure no fish will ever emulate Dory again. :p

Sunday, April 10, 2005

In the memory of Skinny

This is a special memorial for Skinny who passed away today afternoon in his cage at the ripe old age of 5. Although suffering from eye diseases earlier on, she quickly recovered when she was transferred into her current cage and has since then put on quite a lot of weight. However we understand that time waits for no man nor hamster, so rest in peace and may you find happiness and bliss by His side. We love you, Skinny!!

Jimbo & Agnes

Friday, April 08, 2005

Down with the blues

Depression happens when chemical messages known as neurotransmitters aren’t delivered correctly between brain cells thus disrupting communication. Symptoms of depression includes:-
- constant feelings of sadness, irritability, or tension
- decreased interest or pleasure in usual activities or hobbies
- loss of energy, feeling tired despite lack of activity
- a change in appetite, with significant weight loss or weight gain
- a change in sleeping patterns, such as difficulty sleeping, early morning awakening, or sleeping too much
- restlessness or feeling slowed down
- decreased ability to make decisions or concentrate
- feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, or guilt
- thoughts of suicide or death

Excerpts from www.depression.com

I have at least 4-5 of the 9 symptoms above, so I think I must really be suffering from depression. If depression is caused by inaccurate neurotransmitter delivery, there must be a reason that triggered this state of being. The funny part is... what the hell triggered it??!!
It started off 2-3 days ago as a tinge of discomfort, a sick feeling in the stomach, a knot in the throat that you can't shrug off at the snap of your fingers. It then evolves to what the site described as 'a black curtain veiling up your life'. Although still not in terminal stage, this sensations never fail to spoil your day :o(. Hopefully things will brighten up during the weekend.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

8 years of itchiness

8 years... that is how long it has been since I kicked a football with my feet. I joined Vernon, Hon and Jim yesterday at the Sunway Extreme Park for a futsal session. The moment I entered the courts, looking at the games in progress reminded me a lot of the times I was playing barefooted with the guys back from high school in the school field after class. 2 of us would strip our shoes and use them as goal posts and a full blown battle ensues under the hot sun. We got quite a kick from it too especially when the IJC girls pass by and throw glances at us. Anyway coming back to present day, looking at these guys play reminded me a lot of the good 'ol days and I found myself really looking forward to the game.

I was introduced to Vernon's cousin and his band of friends, all high school mates that sort of kept together after 4 years due to their love for futsal. Anyway these guys are really good, they thrashed ass the moment they entered the courts and I hardly have to do anything for the first 2 games (me the goalie). It wasn't until the 3rd game when exhaustion steps in that I was made to do a full save at an close range attempt . We were good for 4 games and lost out to a last minute 2-sen goal that sent us packing. Not that they mind, they look so tired like they really needed the break.

We rested a bit and chatted with Jim while waiting for our game to start again. We did not have really long to wait as the game was on elimination basis. 2 goals or 10 minutes, should the game end in a draw... there will be a PK session. Soon we were at it again and barely 3 minutes into the game, the overhead lights were switched off and the game was brought to an abrupt halt. Apparently the booking was only until 11.30 and someone has booked the court from then onwards so we can't actually extend our time. So, it was damn 'potong stim'lah as I was just getting the hang of the game. Will look forward to the game next week should my work allow...hehe.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

New (old?) friend found

It is always nice when you go about your everyday life, doing the routine stuff you use to do and suddenly, something flares up from your past and rekindle you with sweet memories of your teenage life. I have always been rather flirtatious when I was young, not saying I was good-looking and all but I guess I have a way with words that hooked me up with a lot of female companions. I was an hyper active member of the Buddhist Society and organized an inter-school gathering, that was how I met these 2 girls from Gemencheh.

We got along pretty well and I kept in touch with them through phone and letters after the event and invited them to my 16th birthday party. In all honesty, I did not expect them to come all the way to Malacca for this but suprisingly they did. They took the taxi here and I walked them from MHS to my house. When the party ended, I asked for permission to go out with these girls but my request was denied. I begged really hard, but my pleas still fell to deaf ears. In the end, I had to get Pit Hann and Thiam Seng, the 2 suavest guys in my class to show my guests a good time in Malacca. I apologized for the incident after that, but I guessed friendship kinda fizzled after that.

I have pretty much forgot about this incident until an email from Friendster popped up on fateful Tuesday morning, notifying me of a message from a certain Akiko. Hmm.. I didn't know any Akiko, but nonetheless a chick writing to me is not something I come by everyday. In the message, she claims to know me and have met me before, I checked her photos out (quite a looker too) but had no idea who she was. All the while, my curiosity escalated and inevitably reached a climax. I couldn't 'tahan' anymore! I went through her testimonials and discovered that she is an active forum member of Picanto Club.

I went in, browsed through her profile and got her msn. I added her and very soon we were chatting to each other. It was only then that realization dawned me that it was the same girl that came to my party, the same girl that I ffk-ed, the same girl I lost contact with 9 years ago. *sigh* Friendster's such a lovely place for friends lost and found. Friends are so hard to come by once you lost them in the sea of Life. I made a solemn promise to myself that I will grasp harder this time and not let myself lose sight of my friends again. :o)